eso leveling tipsLeveling in Elder Scrolls Online starts out very fast & easy but quickly begins to take longer and longer as you level up. Doing quests is the best and most rapid way to gain experience points and level fast. Try doing some quests with a couple of friends as this will allow you to fight enemies that are a higher level than you, and you’ll complete them faster. You should also get The Ring of Mara which gives you a 10% boost on all experience points for everything like all your kills and the experience points received for completing quests, which can be a big boost. Just between these two strategies, you will be leveling much faster than soloing quests with the ring. Exploring everywhere and looting everything is another great way to gain experience points as you travel. You can also wear ‘exploration armor’ which will enhance your gains even more. Open every single drawer, chest, crate and barrel and take everything! Read every book you find as these books will give you exp., items, level your skills and more. You will also find motif books which will come in very handy for your crafting!

Dungeons, Bosses and Dark Anchors

Questing will always be the best way to gain exp. and level up but there are plenty of enemies to kill adding to your experience points along the way. Fighting and killing bosses is a great way to earn points and you’ll also receive lots of loot items from defeated enemies.

Dark Anchors are scattered around Tamriel, each with its own required level. They can be seen and heard as you start to approach them and you should check the guards’ levels before you get too close. If you’re a few levels above them you might be able to solo it but it’s always best to bring a small group. You must kill all enemies and send their souls to the crystal until it has enough to open the cage so it can be killed. This must be done multiple times plus defeat the boss for the Anchor to appear. Break the final crystal to shut down the Anchor. These enemies drop great high quality loot and the rewards are better the higher the level. The Anchor will turn back on shortly for your farming pleasure, if you wish. Similar deal with dungeons, get a group of 4 and ransack the entire dungeon killing and looting everything. If you’re going to farm the same ones, choose the ones with the most bosses.

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